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Caricaturer.io is an online caricature photo maker. We could produce 60+ caricature photos based on your portraits with AI and deep learning technology. Try our new Photo Cartoonizer AI tool.

What We Do?

Caricaturer.io could generate 64 different caricature faces by AI.

24/5 Support

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions about our caricature AI tool.

Secure Conversion

The image to caricature process is safe. All uploaded images will be removed with 24 hours.

Photo to Caricature AI

By using AI technology, our system could recognize your face and convert the photo to caricature.

Dramatic Effects

We convert your face photo to caricature with dramatic and exaggerated effects. Have fun!

How It Works?

Here are the 3 working steps on success.


Get Photo Ready

Prepare the photo includes a face and drag and drop it on Caricaturer.io.


Wait for Processing

Generally, we need 3 to 5 minutes for processing each photo. Please be patient. You can sign up to receive the notification email once done.


Download Caricature

Once finished, you can download all caricature photos or even download the HD images if you are our member.

caricature conversion, before after

Turn Photo to Caricature

Not only a cartoon but also caricature yourself like an artist

The caricature is the image which is quite different from the cartoon or animate. There are some keys to the caricature photos like the Exaggeration, Rough Sketching, Reilly Abstraction, Caricaturing the Body. The caricaturist will draw the picture that overemphasizes a subject's peculiarities, but still retains a likeness to the original.

Caricaturer.io could caricaturize your portrait photos and create stunning caricature effects online effortlessly. Powered by AI technology, the whole process is automatic and no fancy skills required.

Our system may take 3 to 5 minutes for processing each photo as it needs time and GPU resources for caculation and rendering. The task on the webpage will continue even you close and reopen the page. You can sign up an account to receive a notification email once the task completes.

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